About Us

Ilgamos International Ltd. is a marketing company that aspires to bring technological innovations to the market that can communicate both economic and social values. The most significant innovation of the previous ten years is the blockchain. Blockchain technology goes far beyond the use of cryptocurrency since administrative data storage on a blockchain system provides a high level of transparency and security that no other technology can duplicate.

For us, it is evident that the future of data storage will get realized on a blockchain basis. However, there are two trends - namely on-chain and off-chain - that come with some crucial differences that determine the basic approach to storing data. On-chain based data storage will obviously require developers to deliver proper solutions to the challenges that it comes with.

Why are we a supporter of blockchain-based data storage?

Regarding the matter of economic efficiency, it is visible that the reform of data storage has already begun. We have an increasing number of options for storing data, but third-party access still raises many moral and legal questions; Who is the rightful owner of data? If you have a look at the variety of provided services, you will notice that, in most cases, the level of security for storing data triggers adverse feelings from users.

In the case of a blockchain-based data storage, the way of access changes radically compared to the currently prevalent systems. The essence is not solely to have an encryption protocol, but also to exploit and maximize the benefits of decentralization. In a system where the freedom of users is guaranteed, a significantly more transparent co-operation between the user and the service provider can be achieved.

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