About Us

Ilgamos International offers state-of-the-art blockchain-based cloud mining service. Our aim is to make the advantages of digital currencies available to as many people as possible. We are sure, that in the long run SHA-256 PoW-based cryptocurrency will have major importance in reforming our economic environment. Our company is excelling in making blockchain technology popular, so we educate our partners continuously. We expect, that the future of digital revolution is highly dependent on the success of cryptocurrencies and their interaction will change our current economic and social system.

Demand for cryptocurrencies has been increasing since the first bitcoin transaction in 2009. There are more cryptocurrencies on the market, not always having transparent background, which can be suspicious for the users. Ilgamos deals only with cryptocurrencies that have stable bases and real technological intentions. We consider predictability as a very important factor, thus our system serves our partners with a self-established ‘mining farm’.

Many years of experience and our partners inquiring approach help us to achieve great success. No other system is available on the market like this one, so all the partners, who participate in building our common future will also participate an opportunity to become more conscious users of this new, cryptocurrency-based economic environment.

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